Lab 4 – Release 0.2 part 1

Looking through open source projects has been a bit of a daunting learning experience for me. As a quick start (if it isn’t already obvious, I’m a terrible procrastinator with certain things) I decided to do some document edits for a F# based bioinformatics toolkit called BioFSharp (their more detailed project documentation can be found here).

Most of it was some simple typos, grammatical errors, and edits for clarity and conciseness since the authors are German who seem to mildly mistranslated a few phrases. English is also apparently the odd one out (what’s new) when it comes to it’s use of an apostrophe in the possessive form.

I would have liked to contributed to some of their other known issues, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to build the binaries as per their instructions. Perhaps a future adventure when I’m not bogged down with work.

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