Lab 5 – 0.2 Release Part 2

For this section of Release 0.2, I contributed to a project that a friend of mine has made open-source and given me collaborator status on called CryptBoard. Although we’ve both been busy with part-time jobs and job searches for better jobs, we’re both interested in getting the project back up to date, improving upon it, and hopefully gaining some contributions from the open source community. To this end, I’ve created the document, based on a blend of all of the contributing documents that I’ve read through in the past 72 hours with a touch of my sleep-deprived humour.

CryptBoard is an Android keyboard that allows users to take a plain-text string, encrypt it using RSA cryptography, then using LSB steganography to hide this now-encrypted string within the bit values of a picture (preferably of a cat) for the purposes of evading keyword-based censorship.


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