Lab 6 – Release 0.2 Part 3

Continuing on with the cleanup of CryptBoard, in this pull request I removed all of the unused imports that were littering the majority of the Java files in this app. Although this should have been fairly easy to do (Android Studio has a shortcut for it) and test (Android Studio occasionally makes nonsensical errors, so I don’t trust it not to accidentally remove an import that was used – breaking things) in the process of committing and pushing my changes, I accidentally committed the ultimate Git sin. I pushed directly to master.

Fortunately, the handy git revert <commit hash> command saved the day by letting me roll back the changes. From there I created a separate branch for cleaning up sloppy code, pushed my changes to this new branch, and created a shiny new pull request to merge my changes to master the proper way.

Unfortunately the shame of pushing directly to master (and having to revert it) will haunt me in the form of the commit history for eternity (or as long as this repo exists).



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